We’re hosting a series of informative webinars with our expert speakers and clients. Check back here regularly for new events and archived webinars that you can watch on demand for the latest information and best practices in various disciplines around eDiscovery.

Archived Webinars

Six Steps to a Successful Incident Response Plan
Recorded on July 16, 2014
Cyber attacks are on the rise—and not just in the retail and financial sectors. Criminals are targeting businesses of all kinds, especially if they handle valuable, sensitive information, such as that held by law firms and law departments. Failure to have a well-thought-out response plan can increase the damages and associated costs, as well as lead to regulatory penalties and a loss of reputation and business. This webinar will cover the best practices for developing a program so that your organization can swiftly and appropriately respond to a data loss incident.

In this presentation, IDT911 Consulting CEO Deena Coffman and Discovia VP Kris Taylor address:

  • Why incident response matters at a time when cyber incidents are on the rise
  • Key best practices for developing and maintaining an effective Incident Response Plan

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Strategies for Developing Stipulations in Discovery
Recorded on May 21, 2014
Discovia VP of Business Development, Paige Hunt Wojcik; Sandra Gallini, Esq. (Global Litigation Legal Counsel, eDiscovery at Shell Oil Company); Timothy J. Carroll, Esq. (Partner at Perkins Coie); and Anthony Cardine (Director of Practice Support at O’Melveny & Myers). The panelists covered several topics including:

  • How often stipulations are actually used;
  • When stipulations are typically and most effectively used;
  • Characteristics of a strong stipulation;
  • Cost control opportunities in stipulations. How to control cost in a stipulation; and
  • If and when the use of predictive coding should be addressed in the stipulation.

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Managed eDiscovery Solutions: Which Way Now?
Recorded on October 23, 2013
CEO Christian Lawrence, Paige Hunt Wojcik (Director of eDiscovery at Perkins Coie), Andrew Sieja (CEO of kCura), Kim-An Hernandez (Senior eDiscovery Counsel at International Paper) and Mike Haven (Senior Corporate Counsel, Legal Operations and Litigation at NetApp) discussed:

  • Which factors to consider when selecting an eDiscovery strategy and solution
  • Which solutions are the most prevalent today, which are becoming more or less popular, and why
  • Top tips for corporations and law firms interested in implementing or updating a firm-wide solution, as well as what pitfalls to avoid
  • Case studies from the panelists’ own experiences

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Demystifying Technology Assisted Review; 5. Tips & Myths
Recorded on July 24, 2013
Hosted by Paige Hunt Wojcik, Director of eDiscovery Services at Perkins Coie, Christian Mammen, Partner at Hogan Lovells, and Sonya Sigler, Vice President of Product Strategy & Consulting at Discovia, this webinar examines the most common myths associated with technology assisted review.
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Demystifying Technology Assisted Review; 4. Getting Started
Recorded on March 27, 2013
Hosted by VP of Product Strategy & Consulting, Sonya Sigler, this session examines how to get started using technology assisted review (TAR) software. It includes an in depth discussion about the delicate balance of people, process and technology. It also includes a discussion of low risk ways to use technology assisted review in cases if you are new to using a TAR tool.
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